Dream big, and anything
can come true

Imagineering is a design service that allows clients to easily and cost‑effectively visualise options for future development

Artists’ impressions and rendered elevations have been around for centuries. It was arguably Walt Disney who pioneered the principle of selling a complete concept to investors and consumers through the use of stunning visualisation. Capturing the imagination of potential backers and driving anticipation of eager customers through skillful ‘imagineering’ enabled Disneyland and Disneyworld to become reality.

Nowadays, technology permits the implementing of creative ideas into practical form beyond anything ever available to Walt Disney. While the creation of virtual worlds – windows into the future – may have become a whole new visual medium, the essential elements of proposing the right facility, in the right place, at the right time remain core to every successful development.

Whether it’s a simple hand sketch or an elaborate C.A.D. ‘fly‑through’, Leisure Concepts aim to imagine the best possible design solutions and let our clients see an inspiring tomorrow, today. Leisure Concepts are passionate about creating enchanting design solutions that really work for the client. All proposals and presentations aim to be credible, ‘world‑class’ and inspirational – exciting our clients and exceeding their expectations.