Make it simple
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Here at Leisure Concepts, we all share a passion for what we do whilst maintaining a focus on delighting our clients

For over 25 years we’ve offered our clients a multi‑disciplined design solution tailored to their needs. We draw on the proven and sometimes unconventional talents of our creatives, thinkers and project managers. We build inspirational concepts with that elusive ‘wow’ factor!

From initial conceptual design through to completed installation, our creative and project management skills ensure aspirations and objectives are surpassed. From luxury spas and hotels to resort entertainment venues and residential projects, our experience shows!

We’ll also deliver our solutions at considerably less expense than the value added to your business. No sketchy promises here… we pride ourselves on our ‘can‑do’ philosophy.

Case Studies

We’ve worked on a wide range of projects with their own size, scope and requirements. One thing that remains consistent throughout is the passion, care and skill we put into making each one truly special. Look through each case study to learn more about what we achieved.

Lakeside Bay

Lakeside Bay at Haven’s Lakeland

The Marina Bar &amp Stage at Haven’s Hopton

The Marina Stage & Bar at Haven’s Hopton

Point A’s Shoreditch Hotel

Point A Shoreditch

Eureka Kitchen

Eureka Kitchen

Thornwick Bay Development

Haven’s Thornwick Bay


The Lighthouse at Haven’s Thornwick Bay

Splashaway Bay

Splashaway Bay at Haven’s Craig Tara

Point A’s Glasgow Hotel

Point A Glasgow

Parklands Manor Feature

Signature Parklands Manor

Splashaway Bay

Splashaway Bay at Haven’s Hafan y Môr

Otter Lodge

Otter Lodge at Haven’s Lakeland


New ice cream concept

South Beach Café

South Beach Café at Haven’s Devon Cliffs

The Lakehouse

The Lakehouse at Haven’s Primrose Valley


Airspace at Haven’s Craig Tara


Surfbay at Haven’s Perran Sands

Ascot Grange Feature

Signature Ascot Grange


The Boatie Blest Bar & Restaurant at Haven’s Seton Sands

The Boatie Blest at Haven’s Seton Sands


Tune Hotels Canary Wharf

Pembroke House Feature

Signature Pembroke House


The Boathouse

Signature Senior Living

Signature Senior Lifestyle

The Bay

The Bay at Haven’s Craig Tara

Meet the team

Gerry Rutter Gerry Rutter
Gerry Rutter
Managing Director
Eric Viljoen Eric Viljoen
Eric Viljoen
Associate Director
Amy Warren Amy Warren
Amy Warren
Associate Director
Norman Fisher Norman Fisher
Norman Fisher
Illustrator & Imagineer
Marc Webb Marc Webb
Marc Webb
Interior Design Manager
Sarah Palmer‑Granville Sarah Palmer‑Granville
Sarah Palmer‑Granville
Interior Designer
Sara Ollerenshaw Sara Ollerenshaw
Sara Ollerenshaw
Interior Designer
Jason Robinson Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson
Interior Designer
Anna Makulska Anna Makulska
Anna Makulska
Interior Designer
Kym Williamson Kym Williamson
Kym Williamson
Project Coordinator
Aggie Mucko Aggie Mucko
Aggie Mucko
Interior Designer
Beth Wheeler Beth Wheeler
Beth Wheeler
Interior Designer
Suzanne Ranson Suzanne Ranson
Suzanne Ranson
Project Coordinator
Bev Clucas Bev Clucas
Bev Clucas
Jade Geraghty Jade Geraghty
Jade Geraghty
Interior Designer
Suzanne Richards Suzanne Richards
Suzanne Richards
Resourcing / HR Administrator
Mandy Flowers Mandy Flowers
Mandy Flowers
Administrative Assistant
Laura Rogers Laura Rogers
Laura Rogers
Administrative Assistant
Suzy Stylianos Suzy Stylianos
Suzy Stylianos
Personal Assistant
Meli Meli
Head of Barketing
Snoop Snoop
General Dogsbody